Our History

CACHA was founded in 2001 during “Les Jeux de la Francophonie", when the University of Ottawa Health Services had the privilege of hosting the designated medical care facility for athletes and their physicians. Dr. Don Kilby, UOHS Medical Director, met daily with African care providers to discuss a diversity of issues regarding the provision of health care in remote African communities.

At that time, arrangements were made to send medical equipment, supplies, and HIV/AIDS educational material to the African care providers upon their return home, thereby ensuring immediate requirements were met and that materials were sent to areas with the greatest need.

Thereafter, a group associated with the University of Ottawa Health Services received $75,000 under the HIV/AIDS Small Grants Fund Stage II, in order to launch seven to ten medical expeditions into remote Gabonese communities. The initial trip was extremely successful. So successful, in fact, some members of the original caravan went on to form CACHA. The organization has returned to Gabon nine times since then, and extended their reach into Bénin, Tanzania and Uganda with similar expeditions. The efforts and dedication of CACHA’s medical caravans have spring boarded to the point where currently the organization envisages greater ambitions to respond to the needs and desires from these African countries.