Volunteer in Canada

Since 2001, CACHA has been able to attract and maintain a strong contingency of volunteers who work diligently to meet our objectives in Canada and Africa.

The scope of work undertaken includes assisting in the office, the medical and pharmaceutical warehouse, marketing, fundraising events and help on every medical caravan to Africa.

The organization also needs people to coordinate our activities in Canada. We need specialists and volunteers to sit on one of our numerous committees: Mission Coordination, Marketing, Fundraising, Members & Volunteers, Supplies and Donations, Bénin, Tanzania, Uganda, and Policy and Procedures.

If you don't feel you have expertise in any of these areas, other options are open to you. We also need help with special event on-site coordination, sitting on a special event planning committee, or helping with administration.

To become CACHA volunteer, please complete our Volunteer Application Form and send your CV to apo@cacha.ca or call us at 613-234-9992.