Terrat Medical Mission, Winter 2019 (February 6th to 23rd, 2019)



The mission will last 2 weeks and the team will consist of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, ophthalmologists, other health workers and coordinators, logisticians (non-medical workers).

We will work with local Tanzanian partners to provide quality healthcare and also on teaching secondary school students about health and puberty, with the special project “Girls to Women”

We are especially interested in keeping Maasai girls in school so that they are not available for marriage and early pregnancies, which often result in complicated pregnancies and deliveries.

Field Mission Cost: $2,820 (does not include airfare)

Estimated Flight Costs: $1,800 - $2,500 (international + in-country flights + 15% administration fee on cost of flights) 
**Please note departure dates and flight costs are subject to change based on availability

CACHA medical missions are non-profit and 100% self-funded. The field cost to participate in a CACHA medical mission is $2,820 which is disbursed over a variety of mission-related expenses including; accommodation, food, in-country transportation, allowances for locally engaged partners, medical and logistics equipment and supplies, communications, business visas, customs requirements, medical treatments and referrals for patients, as well as CACHA overhead and management. It also helps to support many of our CACHA projects.

All donations submitted to CACHA toward payment of mission costs and plane tickets are tax deductible.  This is in line with CACHA medical mission policy and the Canadian Revenue Agency.  All donations submitted toward a participant’s flight are tax deductible. 

The approximate total cost for a medical mission in Tanzania is $5,160 ($2820 field cost + airline ticket + 15% administration fee on the actual cost of the flight ticket)

Mission Lead: Emilie Bordat

To join this mission, please complete and send an application form, along with your CV to CACHA's Missions Coordinator at apo@cacha.ca, as well as to the Mission Lead, Emilie Bordat at ebordat@karibu.cool

Mission application form: Mission Application Form


$100 raised so far


Location: Terrat, Tanzania

Beneficiaries: 2000-2500 patients per mission

Objectives: Available on Request

 Terrat is in the heart of Maasailand in North-Central Tanzania, in the Simanjiro District.

 CACHA partnered with the Simanjiro District Council in February 2014, to bring our first Medical Mission to Terrat.  At the time, we were the first Western Medical group to be welcomed into the community.  Since then, we have been working hard to build relationships with the Maasai community, the dispensary nurses and clinicians, and the local District Council.  This September marks our ninth medical mission to Terrat.  We are starting to see healthier patients, improved compliance with medications and greater understanding of illnesses. More importantly, the nurses and clinicians are becoming more independent, and are starting amazing initiatives to maintain and improve the health of their community.

 The Maasai are traditionally a nomadic, pastoralist (cattle herding) culture.  The tribe is one of the best-known East African populations, due to their distinct traditions, culture, dress, and proximity to many game parks.

 Terrat is an isolated area, being 2.5 hours from the closest city (Arusha). The local dispensary serves a catchment area of >20,000 people, including many surrounding villages.  The people of the area have very little, but are incredibly warm, welcoming and accepting. Our medical mission sees an average of 200-400 people per day. We focus not only on seeing patients but working together with the local clinical team.  Capacity building is a primary objective.  Recently we have incorporated education sessions in local secondary schools, focusing on menstrual health and hygiene.  We are also working to support the building of a local HIV Care and Treatment Center.

Terrat is a wonderful community – please consider joining us in our Adventure!