Peter Newman (Kamengo Medical Mission - March 9-23, 2016)


I’m very much looking forward to rolling up my sleeves again in Kamengo. The lack of resources there is scarcely unimaginable to North Americans; on my previous volunteer trips in 2013 and 2015 I was taken aback by the intensity of medical needs. I was also impressed with the efficiency of CACHA as a humanitarian agency. I saw donations translated directly into treatment for children and adults of all ages, with no sign of waste.


There are three goals to my continuing participation. First, through teaching local clinical officers and nurses, I sincerely hope to be able to leave behind something, no matter how small, for the long term. Second, to provide direct patient care to the 300-500 people that we see every day. And finally, to allow local students to continue their education, through CACHA sponsorship.


CACHA does not “parachute in" to provide aid and then pull out. The program successfully partners with local organizations, and bolsters a clinic that operates year-round. It’s a wonderful effort. 

$644 raised so far
Kamengo, Uganda


Since 2009, CACHA has and continues to partner with Ggoli Health Centre, Butoolo Heath Centre, Nkozi Hospital and Care For Your Life. This partnership has provided free healthcare services and treatment to approximately 24,850 patients and distributed more than 57,000 prescriptions to residents of Kamengo and the surrounding catchment area. This annual medical mission is well-received by the community and the health care workers at Nkozi Hospital, Ggoli Health Centre. Additionally, Care For Your Life and Agnes Zabali Boys and Girls Club of Kamengo received funding for income generating projects, school fees, school and art supplies, computers, athletic wear, children books & games and sports balls from the Canadian volunteers. 156 children and youth that are registered with Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club continue with basic computer courses, educational seminars and recreational activities. The project is managed and maintained by Canadian and Ugandan volunteers who volunteer many hours so that children and youth of all ages in Kamengo continue to have a safe and positive space to play and develop valuable life-long skills.