Debora Zuberi Kihiyo


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“Hello. My name is Debora Zuberi Kihiyo.  I am a girl and I was born on 13th January 2002 in Moshi Kilimanjaro Tanzania.

My parents passed away when I was youn. I started  living with my grandparent when I started primary school one of my teacher Mary was my neighbor who was living close to my grandparent and was having a family with girls of my age, I went there several times to play with them and was lovely family.

Days went and months passed and she came to request my grandparent to take me to live with her kids, I was so happy living in that family and up to now am still living with them and they take good care of me like a family member.

I managed to finish standard seven (Primary school) and passed well in my exams, I was selected to join Henry Gogarty Secondary school in Arusha but I had a problem I did not have someone to support me with school fees, the older sister of Mary is Sr. Clarissa who works very close with CACHA and she introduced me to CACHA scholarship program.

I am studying very hard to reach my future dreams and serve the entire community, I know there are a lot of girls who are facing the same situation which I was facing but I hope one day they will overcome it, without this scholarship I think could be just a street children with bad ending.

In the future I will struggle very hard to make sure that other girls who are having education problem especially with school fees, they get access to education and broaden their minds and help others too.

Am thankful to CACHA for creating this education donation page and selected me to be among the students who are in need of donations.  With your passionate and compassion heart to make donation for me, even a single penny will lead to a greater impact of my life and make me reach my dream of becoming a doctor.

I want to be a doctor so as to help other orphans who has no support or no one to depend on, to improve their health and education status and make them feel like other human beings in this world.”

Thank you,

Debora Zuberi Kihiyo