Diocese - Shirati infrastructure Project - (August 8-24 2017)


Team Leader  Terry Janzen

Our plan for the Shirati Diocese August infrastructure project consists of multiple projects.

Firstly, we expect to be assisting with the on-going build at the Mennonite Diocese Secondary Technical School. The school, now in operation has a multi-year build plan, so they may be able to use help with various aspects of construction help with the next stages.

Secondly, in the last two missions, we were involved in building a new style of mud hut with extended metal sheeting for the roof. This is to protect the sides of the hut from driving rain so it can last much longer than the traditional thatched roof huts. We expect to build another one or two of these for needy families during this project. 

Thirdly, we have been working closely with the Director of Community Services at the Mennonite Diocese to encourage the digging of shallow cisterns and providing funding to line them with a rugged waterproof liner. These cisterns are then covered with a cover made of wooden supports and metal sheeting to reduce evaporation and prevent animals and children from falling in. During the rainy season, surface water flows into the cisterns, and this water is then used for irrigating gardens during the dry season, giving the families the opportunity to grow more nutritious food throughout the year. We expect to continue to help install liners and roofs over several of these cisterns during our Mission in August.

Fourthly, we hope to have some of our female Team members become involved with providing health training and coaching in the areas of female hygiene. Days for Girls, a volunteer organization in Kitchener, has been working with some students from a local high school to fulfill their required volunteer hours by getting them to cut fabric for the construction of washable, reusable hygienic underwear for females. We hope to bring several hundred of these undergarments with us on our trip.

Finally, and maybe, most importantly, we hope to continue to build relationships with our Shirati friends. Relationships are important and we hope to learn from and build friendships with our connections in Tanzania.

$2,620 raised so far


KMT, the owner of Shirati Hospital, operates in the Rorya District, Mara, Tanzania. Shirati KMT Hospital provides affordable health care to people living in the catchment area of Rorya district, which has a population of 245,000.

Location: Shirati, North Mara Region, Tanzania

Partners: Shirati KMT Hospital, Mennonite Church of Tanzania