Children Living With HIV/AIDS (CLWHA)


Daily, the Care treatment Centre (CTC) at Kilema Hospital refers children who are newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS to the Children Living with HIV/AIDS (CLWHA) programme. Today there are over 90 children of all ages in the program. The CLWHA programme has been developed to support these children through the assistance of home based care (HBC) workers, specially trained in HIV/AIDS, who monitor the children closely in their home environments. Children and caregivers alike are taught about adherence to medication and its importance, as well as general awareness of the disease and strategies for living positively with HIV.

We would like to thank The Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation for their continued support towards the CLWHA Project. 




The CLWHA program addresses discrimination and stigma on varying levels: in the home setting through outreach, at school through teacher training and at the hospital through seminars about healthy living and healthy choices.

These are only some of the special projects geared towards improving communication about HIV and helping to break down barriers.

This programme is funded in part by the Ottawa-based Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation. With increased funding the hope is that all these children will be able to attend school in the very near future.

You can read more about Snowy Owl on their website: