Silas S. Mosha


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"Born and raised in Tanzanian, a land which had a population of over 40 million by the time I was in high school. A country that has less than 500 medical specialists and approximately 2,000 medical doctors. So what does this mean?  Why is this signifcant? 

Because for every 1 doctor, they are to attend to more than twenty thousand patients. In addition, all medical students study at only a selected few and highly overcrowded medical colleges with less than 25% of the required teaching equipments and studying materials.

With these few facts, it is easy for one to dicipher why I have grown up with the ambition to study medicine and destined to become a medical practitioner - I want to help the people of Tanzania.

I chose to study in China among the developed countries where I can be conversant with modern technology medical equipments and materials at a very low cost (approximately less than 10,000 CD per year - a third compared to what other developed countries charge). 

I am grateful to CACHA for selecting me to be a part of their program.  My heart rests with CACHA's mission - to help the most vulnerable escape the confines of poverty; to increase access to quality health care services; to implement outreach activities to remote communities through medical caravans; and to develop programs for sustainable agriculture, education, support to orphans and vulnerable children, vocational centers as well as the fight against HIV/AIDS, and I aspire to one day be able to contribute to this vision.

However, as the case with many of us, I am at a financial disadvantage.  Both my parents are unemployed.  My father was forced to retire prematurely after undergoing several glaucoma operations.  It is for such reasons that I reach out to you, through CACHA, to call upon all wellwishers to come to my support in my education so that I can fulfill the mission I am committed to undertake with CACHA.
I will forever be grateful and very much welcome you to donate funds to this educating program; to further my education, and to help me live out my dream of becoming a Doctor."
Thank you,
Silas S. Mosha