CACHA mobilize resources and address problems facing the rural poor, orphans and vulnerable children and other local communities in order to improve their living conditions and creating an enabling environment for education, health and other needs.

Since 2001, CACHA has been working to improve knowledge and practices in primary and secondary health care including infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and other tropical diseases. In addition, CACHA in collaboration with DFATD (former CIDA) contributes to overall maternal and child health with the Ministry of Health in Tanzania and Canadian partners through different delivery strategies. In fact, CACHA collaborates with various health practionners such as surgeons, medical officers, nurses, midwifes and community health workers. CACHA supports communities and assist the Ministry of Health in improving knowledge and skills by training health care workers. CACHA provides medical supplies, equipment and medicine so communities can survive and grow up healthy and strong. CACHA implements a project in maternal and newborn health to improve access to health care service and to ensure mothers and newborns stay healthy.

  • Bibliothèque d'Aklampa     -    Développement et autonomie

    Bibliothèque d'Aklampa - Développement et autonomie


    1. Développement : plus de livres, magazines, jeux, d’heures d’ouverture, plus d’activités culturelles, de filles qui fréquentent le lieu; 2. Autonomie : intégration progressive au tout nouveau réseau public de bibliothèques du Bénin jusqu’à la prise en charge totale par les autorités locales

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    The PTBGC is all about empowering locals. The Club is run by seven local leaders, many of whom came from the streets and were able to turn their lives around through selling art. Empowering our leaders to run the Club ensures local ownership, while also giving our Club members local mentors to look up to.

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