Diana Kazumyan - Anoum Medical mission, Fall 2017 (Nov 2-18)



My name is Diana and I am no stranger when it comes to travelling the globe. I am a musician and am very inquisitive and have an urge to experience everything that’s out there in the world.  

I realize that none of my travel experiences will compare to the medical mission to Benin I’m about to embark on in November; however, something in my entire being, my spirit, my heart and my soul is yearning to assist and provide medical relief to those in need of this underprivileged community. I first heard about CACHA through one of my student’s mother, who is a doctor and heavily involved in this organization, and I remember being instantly drawn to the mission and work that CACHA does and serves in these isolated rural African communities. 

The medical outreach, program and financial support given to vulnerable groups, and infrastructure project initiatives resonated deep within me for years since learning about CACHA.  What started out as a spark has now ignited into a strong and passionate fire; to the point where I could no longer bear not to be a part of something so humbling and rewarding. I couldn't be more proud of myself for volunteering in this two-week mission. I am prepared to overcome the eye opening, challenging, laborious and emotionally taxing events to come.

My mantra in this journey; in my life, is to make a difference. A small impact created by one can make the biggest difference to the other person and for that, I will continue to make small positive impacts.


$2,200 raised so far


Medical Missions Location: Aklampa, Department of Colin, Benin

Partners: Alliance de Santé Communautaire Canada Bénin (ASCCB)

Beneficiaries: About 2,800 patients per year

Objective: To provide health care to isolated villages of Benin

Achieved Results and Activities

Through close collaboration with our sister NGO, the Canada-Bénin Community Health Alliance, we have created a long-lasting and cooperative relationship with two isolated rural communities—Aklampa and Anoum—chosen for their lack of access to primary health care.
Aklampa is an isolated community located in central Bénin, and Anoum is in northern Bénin near Djougou. CACHA medical teams have been visiting these two communities since 2003 once or twice each year.

Also in Aklampa, our partnership with the 'Better Africa' Foundation gives us access to an unused hospital where we can perform more extensive procedures. And, in partnership with the sanitary zone hospital of Dassa, our volunteer surgeons perform free surgeries in cooperation with the local surgeon.

The project in Bénin came about from the suggestion of Marcel Hamelin while he was still Rector of the University of Ottawa. In September 2002, a team of medical experts went to provide extensive services including medical treatments and medications to over 3,000 patients. 

CACHA’s main Beninese partner is the Alliance de Santé Communautaire Canada Bénin (ASCCB), composed mainly of a group of local physicians who have been helping in determining which villages CACHA should visit. After the first health care caravan to a number of villages, it was decided, with the help of our local partner, to target two communities: Aklampa in the center of the country and Anoum in the northern part of Bénin. 

Since the first mission in November 2004 approximately 20,000 patients have been treated. The highest number of patients seen was reported in November 2006 at 3,463 patients. The average to date has been computed at 2,857 patients per trip. The average amount of prescriptions filled per trip has been approximately 12,000. 

Future Plan 

CACHA is planning to continue having at least one mission per year and it will also continue to support the Anoum dispensary by paying the salary of one nurse.


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