Erwin Rosales - Terrat Medical Mission - February 2018


I’m excited to be volunteering for my first CACHA medical mission in Terrat, Tanzania. During the mission, I will have the integral role of providing logistical support and organizational expertise to the team.

This may be one of the few opportunities for people in rural communities to receive health care and medicine. They will come days in advance and wait in lines hundreds deep just to see a doctor. In my day job as a theatre manager, I know that my experience handling guests, supervising others, managing inventories and dealing with contingencies as they arise will serve me well.

CACHA’s missions are 100% self-funded; the funds raised for a mission go towards the cost of things such as purchasing medical supplies, providing wages for local personnel and funding the cost of prescription drugs.  

I’m going to Africa with my eyes open and will leave with a better perspective of how I can help those in need, and how truly fortunate we are in Canada to have publically funded healthcare. As this will be a very expensive undertaking, I’m asking for your help in making my participation in the mission a success. Any donation over $20 is tax-deductible, but if you can provide more, please do. Thank-you for your contributions in advance!

$1,065 raised so far


Location: Terrat, Simanjaro District Tanzania

Partners: Simanjaro District Health Council

Beneficiaries: Over 4,500 persons per mission

Objective: To provide primary health care to the vulnerable population in remote areas of Tanzania.

For up to date travel information, please consult the Government of Canada - Travel Advice and Advisories site:
The World Health Organization has a comprehensive website on the Ebola virus.