Jane & Terry Janzen - Shirati Diocese Project (August 8-24, 2017)


We are blessed to be able to return to Shirati again.

We look forward to seeing the friends that we have made in earlier visits and are anticipating helping some of the neediest of the people we will meet during this Project.

We continue to learn about the importance of relationships, and what really matters in our lives.

Each visit is a reminder to rethink our values in our own faith and culture when we return.

$1,055 raised so far


KMT, the owner of Shirati Hospital, operates in the Rorya District, Mara, Tanzania. Shirati KMT Hospital provides affordable health care to people living in the catchment area of Rorya district, which has a population of 245,000.

Location: Shirati, North Mara Region, Tanzania

Partners: Shirati KMT Hospital, Mennonite Church of Tanzania