Karin Euler - Ukerewe Medical Mission, Fall 2018


Thank you for supporting our work in Ukerewe, Tanzania.Each year we run free clinics offering dental care, eye care, medical assessments, free surgery, private gynecological exams.We work side by side with Tanzanian healthcare workers. We give anti-fever and deworming medication to every patient. We give medication to prevent schistosomiasis.We do educational videos and teaching about clean water, family planning, managing diarrhea, preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

We triage sick patients and get them to the hospital for inpatient care. We transport patients to the next level of care on the mainland to see specialists.
We sponsor Tanzanian healthcare workers to further their education. We bring medical equipment that the hospital needs.
I work with a dedicated group of clinicians and logisticians that return year after year with me. We continue to improve our assistance with the guidance of local health workers.After ten years the patients still line up 600 deep to attend our clinics. I believe strongly in the work we do and I greatly appreciate your support.
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CACHA and Nansio District Hospital (NDH) have partnered since late 2008 to provide outreach medical services to the people of Ukerewe district which is made up of 38 islands in the eastern part of Lake Victoria.

NDH and the surrounding community provide a team of medical and non-medical personnel to work alongside the Canadian volunteer health professionals in a 2-way expertise and knowledge-sharing partnership. Consultations, treatments and prescription medications (including reading glasses) are provided free of charge to the patients, the costs being borne by CACHA and NDH.

Location: Ukerewe and Ukara Islands, Ukerewe District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania

Partner: Ukerewe District Council (comprised of Nansio District Hospital, 22 dispensaries, and 3 health centers) 

Beneficiaries: Around 4,000 patients per mission

Objective: To increase access to education and healthcare for the Ukerewe Island population.

Hospital Catchment Area: 310,271 people  

Achieved Results and Activities

Members of the community on Ukerewe Island first approached CACHA in 2007. An initial visit was undertaken in October of 2008 to assess the feasibility of expanding CACHA’s outreach work to the island. Meetings were held with prospective partners and plans were made for a first caravan in January/February of 2009. That caravan was held successfully and plans were made for a second caravan in October of 2009. As a result of the success of the second caravan, CACHA committed itself to a cycle of two caravans per year for the Ukerewe and Ukara islands.

Since 2011, CACHA has assisted approximately 22, 903 patients, and dispensed approximately 88, 870 prescriptions.

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