Karin Euler - Ukerewe Medical Mission, Fall 2017


Hi everyone,

Thank you for continuing to support me on medical missions to Ukerewe, Tanzania. October 2017 will be my eighth time going and I endeavor to continue to improve the services we provide.

My heart is with the women and children and this photo is of maternity ward mothers one day after delivery preparing to go back to their villages.

CACHA has continually supported education for maternal and child health. On our mission, we have a special focus educating the woman about safe prenatal care and delivery.

Thanks for your support!


$5,367 raised so far


CACHA and Nansio District Hospital (NDH) have partnered since late 2008 to provide outreach medical services to the people of Ukerewe district which is made up of 38 islands in the eastern part of Lake Victoria.

NDH and the surrounding community provide a team of medical and non-medical personnel to work alongside the Canadian volunteer health professionals in a 2-way expertise and knowledge-sharing partnership. Consultations, treatments and prescription medications (including reading glasses) are provided free of charge to the patients, the costs being borne by CACHA and NDH.

Location: Ukerewe and Ukara Islands, Ukerewe District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania

Partner: Ukerewe District Council (comprised of Nansio District Hospital, 22 dispensaries, and 3 health centers) 

Beneficiaries: Around 4,000 patients per mission

Objective: To increase access to education and health care for the Ukerewe Island population.

Hospital Catchment Area: 310,271 people  

Achieved Results and Activities