Shruti Gupta - Kamengo medical mission- March 9-26, 2017


Hello everyone !

I am very much looking forward to going to Uganda with CACHA to work in the rural area of Kamengo and provide medical care to the people there. 

I had the chance to visit Uganda twice last year and enjoy its lush landscape and the warmth of its people. With this medical mission, I hope to play a small role in improving the lives of the people there. 

Please consider donating to help support CACHA and this mission. The funds will be used for medical supplies, treatments, translators, supporting local community partners etc. and will be critical in the success of the mission.

Thank you in advance! 

$2,246 raised so far


CACHA medical missions are non-profit and 100% self-funded. The field cost to participate on a CACHA medical mission is $2,820 which is disbursed over a variety of mission-related expenses including; accommodation, food, in-country transportation, allowances for locally engaged partners, medical and logistics equipment and supplies, communications, customs, medical treatments and referrals for patients, as well as CACHA overhead and management, CACHA membership fee, and helps to support many of our CACHA projects.

All donations submitted to CACHA toward payment of mission costs and plane tickets are tax deductible.  This is in line with CACHA medical mission policy and the Canadian Revenue Agency.  All donations submitted toward a participant’s flight are tax deductible. 

The approximate total cost for a medical mission in Uganda is $5,120 ($2820 field cost + airline ticket + 15% administration fee on actual cost of airline ticket)